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Founded in 1970, Zwack, Inc. today enjoys a strong reputation as an innovative manufacturer of special machinery and equipment for industry, municipalities and a variety of other customers. We are a third generation, family-owned business that enjoys a long term business relationship with small, large, and Fortune 500 customers, including General Electric Power Systems, Intermagnetics, Instron, Albany International, Taconic, MIT, Newark Paper Group, Encore Paper, and municipalities in the surrounding four state area.

Zwack, Inc. began as a specialty manufacturer for one primary customer and today employs more than 40 people to provide clients worldwide with engineering, design, and manufacturing options, ranging in size and complexity from products such as highway sand and salt spreaders, firefighting equipment, transformer core winding machines, generator stater frames, paper mill frames, large magnet winding machines, computer controlled core stacking machines, a proprietary cold fusion process for manufacture of copper, aluminum transition pieces, to... whatever machinery or other need a customer may ask to have built. The products manufactured by Zwack, Inc., in use throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia, attest to our commitment to providing each customer with solid craftmanship, economic value, and successful adaption of ever changing technology.

We are located in a picturesque valley between the Taconic and Berkshire Hills, in Rensselaer County, New York. The surrounding communities are home to a number of colleges and universities, as well as many diversified businesses that provide products and services to us to be a world-wide supplier of specialty machine products. In 2013, over half of our utilized suppliers and vendors were locally-owned small businesses. A sponsor of the Hudson Valley Community College Machine Apprentice Program and its Capstone Project, Zwack, Inc. has also afforded industry experience and opportunity to grad students in the RPI CAT program and RPI's Senior Mechanical Design Group, as well as to local high school students in New York State's JOBS program.

Zwack, Inc. continues a long tradition of support and involvement in church, community and civic organizations, and actively encourages employee participation in local government and charities, volunteer fire and emergency medical services, as well as membership in the U.S. Armed Services and State National Guard. We are involved in numerous community activities and local government, including school board, volunteer fire company, local fire district, library board, and cemetery board. Zwack, Inc. remains firmly committed to the community in which it began and is today located. Stephentown and Rensselaer County provide Zwack, Inc. with the right location for expanding its business opportunities, whether they be just around the corner or around the world. We hope to serve you soon.

Frank J. Zwack, Jr.