SINCE 1970

Highway Trucks

Serving areas in four states - Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont - Zwack, Inc. provides quality highway equipment to private businesses and organizations in addition to municipal and county governments. Odds are high that you've traveled on a winter road cared and maintained for by a 'Bengal Zwack' completed highway system. 

All new cab and chassis are completed, tested, and finished per customer specifications and can be delivered with modifications to bodies, plow equipment, hydraulic systems, warning lights, and on board computers. Zwack, Incorporated can work with truck cabs from all major companies in addition to military surplus. 

Zwack, Inc. works with each customer to start with a truck chassis and we work from there. Whether it is custom truck beds or dump bodies, spreaders or rakes, equipment storage or light kits, Zwack Inc. can design and complete your truck to easily suit your needs. Our competitive pricing, dependable final product, in addition to our knowledgeable and attentive service team keeps us as the chosen leader for over 300 municipalities and many more private organizations and businesses. 

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Featured Vendor

Wausau-Everest designs and manufactures the most comprehensive range of top-quality snow removal and ice control products in the industry to help our customers maintain safe and efficient roads and runways. The company's products are at the forefront of snow removal technology. Wausau-Everest markets its products under seven of the most trusted brands in the industry. 

Zwack, Incorporated has partnered with Wausau-Everest over 3 decades and our product-service partnership is the preferred choice to many municipalities in New York, Massachusetts, Vermont & Connecticut.